Self-restrict API calls on scale

Hi there,

Is there a way to electively restrict the number of API calls an app can make per minute please?

Still very much a hobbyist currently - now need to avoid the 1000 API calls per day restriction on the free plan and am concerned that after upgrading to the scale plan, I may make an “error” in my code that would result in 1000s of requests and would like to avoid an unintentionally high bill!


Hi Alex,

Yes, there is a mechanism to set a threshold. It is available on the Manage > Billing screen. During the first billing cycle, the threshold control is disabled, and you can change the tier once the first bill goes through.

We’d be happy to change the tier for you. Just let us know your application ID and what tier you want to set as the threshold.


That’s great, thanks Mark.

Application ID: E3E11500-D01F-4F30-FF71-2894939EFB00

Could you set me to Tier 2 for now please?

Thanks very much!



Thanks a lot!