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Send app data to email

i have built an app with specific input data which is used for feedback from my employees. i want the data entered to be sent to my email. how do i do that?

Hi @Rickus_vd_Berg,

you have build and app using UI Builder or no?
The question is how to send email in UI Builder or how to send emails in general via code?
If you don’t use UI Builder, which language you’re using in your program?


I am using UIBuilder. Language is English.

The data collected from the input is what I would like to have sent via email to me. So everything that my employees enter in on the app is what I would like to see on my email inbox when they hit the send button.

Hi, @Rickus_vd_Berg

I show you a simple example hot to do it:

  1. Create Input and Button

  2. Add valueLogic to Input

  3. Add onClick event logic to button
    add logic to button

But keep attention, you must have your own SMTP server.

Regards, Dima

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I have done it. my SMTP server is running and tested successful, however its still not working…

how do i go about deploying the app and send it internally to my employees to start using? i do not want it to go live on the app stores


you and your employees can simply run it by using ‘Open published app’ link

or by deploying published app files (in the files/web folder) to your server

this does not solve my problem. how do i give it to my employees to start using?

emails are not sending to my mailbox…

@Rickus_vd_Berg, please provide your appId here so we can check your case concretely

please do. i will appreciate the help



I’ve succeeded sending an email. Left a test service test method for you that worked for me.

Also I’ve published your builder app and the link yourAppId / yourRestApiKey /files/web/app/index.html shows the right content. It must be same for you, isn’t it?

nope. nothing on my side. i cannot open the link nor can i see changes on my profile or the app.

ok so ive opened the link and it responded that everything works fine and it gave me a build number, however, im still stuck with having the app downloaded to my cellphone.

I cannot change the “body” of the email that i am receiving. it keep on saying “test bl emails” i change the body to the page data that i want, but each time i send it sends me an email saying “test bl emails”

You have to deploy your logic first before invoking it, have you done it?

yes i have. i get a 400 error message. arguments not defined.

i know its very simple. the only thing i want is to see the data displayed on the page after my employees have completed it, in my email. basically a screen shot after it has been completed. I’m happy with the app and the contents. help me with that please?


I looked into your app. I didn’t see the “test” API service. Instead, there is “NTR_Trailers” service with method “test”. I tried invoking that method and it worked fine. I believe you should be receiving a few emails based on the logic of the service.

Please let me know what other outstanding issues you experience. We’ll be glad to help.


Hi Mark. i am getting the test email. i just received it now. but it is not solving my issue. i want to see the data entered on the app.

I’d like to use the app as a report from my employees. so whatever they enter on the app, i want to receive on an email when they hit the “send” button

Ok, thank you for confirming regarding the email. As for seeing the data entered on the app, please educate me on what has been done. Where is the app? Has it been tested? How does it work? I need more information to understand what’s going on. Specifically, it would be very helpful to focus on specific things such as “feature X doesn’t work”