Send notification to android device from iOS device

I am trying to send push notification from iOS device to android device. Android device is receiving the notification but it is not able to get published information

Here is my code on iOS side

let headers1 = ["android-ticker-text":" Order Update","android-content-title":order.orderId,"android-content-text":order.status]
    let publishOptions1 = PublishOptions()
    let deliveryOptions1 = DeliveryOptions()
    backendless?.messaging.publish("C"+order.phoneNumber!, message: "Any", publishOptions: publishOptions1, deliveryOptions: deliveryOptions1, response: { (status) in
        //do nothing
        print("sending android sent")
        }, error: { (fault) in
            //do nothing
            print("sending android fault \(fault?.message)")

I am able to send notification hassle free.

Here is my OnMessage method on android side@Override
public boolean onMessage(Context context, Intent intent) {
prefs = new Prefs(this);
Log.v(“message recieved1”,intent.getExtras().get(“android-ticker-text”).toString());
Log.v(“message recieved2”, intent.getStringExtra(“message”));
Log.v(“message recieved3”, intent.getStringExtra(PublishOptions.ANDROID_TICKER_TEXT_TAG));
Log.v(“message recieved4”, intent.getStringExtra(PublishOptions.ANDROID_CONTENT_TITLE_TAG));
Log.v(“message recieved5”, intent.getStringExtra(PublishOptions.ANDROID_CONTENT_TEXT_TAG));
intent.getStringExtra(PublishOptions.ANDROID_CONTENT_TITLE_TAG), intent.getStringExtra(PublishOptions.ANDROID_CONTENT_TEXT_TAG),

return false;

}And here is my output in log after receiving the message

10-06 01:19:32.627 18522-19660/ V/message recieved2: Any

I am not able to see other information.
Any suggestions?

Hi Vidya,

Could you please provide the full log? You have five log statements, but provided only the output of only the second one.

Hi Vidya,

If you’ll try to set


would that work?

Regards Anton

That worked. Thanks

That line of code should not be necessary, I’ve created internal ticket to set publishPolicy by default if not specified in request.

We’ll notify you here when it will be fixed. Sorry for inconvenience.

Best regards