Send push notification with image

Dear all,

I sending a push notification regarding new item that the user want to sell
I want to send the push from the android with and image
so the end user will get a push notification with image of the item.

how can I do it? didn’t found any documantion about it


Hello @elad_shai,

You can use the “Rich Media URL” in “Options”

You can also read about other options for setting up push notifications:


you correct, but I want to do it from code, not by the templates
each user can get a different image

What SDK are you using?


I investigated your problem. Unfortunately, now this is not possible, but I created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-20474. We will discuss with the team the possibility of adding such functionality and I will inform you of the result as soon as possible.



Do you have any news on this one?

thank you

Hello, @Alejandro_Cuartas_Fernandez

Internal ticket with this feature is still active, but unfortunately, I can’t say when it will be implemented.
This topic is saved in the ticket, and you first will receive a message about it.

Regards, Dima

any update on this ?
How we can set the rich media URL through channel ?

What do you mean by “through channel”? Are you using push templates?