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Send push notifications to the user's nearest devices.

(Matteo T) #1

I’m developing an iOS App.
Here’s my scenario:
My app will track large user distance displacements (i.e. 5km).
Each time there’s a large change in user distance displacement my app will update the geopoint related to the user in the backendless db.
Now I want add the ability for a user to send a push notification to all the devices that are in X kilometers from the user (where x is in the [5 - 100] km interval).
How can I achieve something like this?
Is it possbile to send a push notification to all the devices near the current user that have activate the push notifications?
Maybe I’ve to write some custom code of server side? In this case, could you help me on how structure it?

(Ilya Veklenko) #2

Hi Matteo

You quite right, You can solve this issue by writing custom Business Logic.
I can suggest you some tips:

  • when register new user it should register a new device and put device id to created user row
  • after changing geo position of some user it should find users which are located in radius X (here you can find an example)
  • then it should make publish notification to devices connected with the users retrieved above (here is publish notification doc)

Regards Ilya