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Send verification code to phone number

Hey everyone.

What service or thing you recommend to send verification code to phone numbers when the user register or forget password?


You can use the Twilio to get that done. It can be integrated into Business Logic (Cloud Code).


Is it more better than Moreify or no difference if you know?

Hi @Hassan_Serhan,

APIService based on Twilio will be in our marketplace soon. But you can free to use Moreify or other service and integrate it into Business Logic right now.

Best regards, Yevgen.

@Hassan_Serhan Or if you prefer a vendor that offers generous free service for this purpose, you can use Firebase Authentication, and leverages their Phone Authentication capability. After you verify the number, you can then proceed with authenticating the user with Backendless.

I use Twilio and its working great.
using codeless to generate and send the SMS

Twilio is the best one out there. TeleSign as well.
I have been working with them both.
But if my clients want something free in the early stage, I use Firebase Phone Number Auth as workaround, and scale out as much as needed later.