Sending iOS Push Notifications with Codeless

Two questions actually.

First question, how can I send a sound with my iOS Push Notification when using codeless? There doesn’t seem to be an option to put a sound file.

Secondly, how can I send a iOS push notification to just one user also using codeless? The only thing i can currently think of is to have each person in their own channel.

Hi, Sean

yeah, currently the codeless block for sending Push Notifications supports only minimal options, but I can propose you a workaround for it:

  1. create a API Service “PushNotification” which will accept any options
  2. add a single method for sending pushes
  3. and use the service/method in your Codeless logic

the service’s code:

'use strict';

class PushNotification {

   * @param {String} channel
   * @param {String} message
   * @param {Object} publishOptions
   * @param {Object} deliveryOptions
   * @returns {Object}
  send(channel, message, publishOptions, deliveryOptions) {
    publishOptions = publishOptions ? new Backendless.PublishOptions(publishOptions) : null
    deliveryOptions = deliveryOptions ? new Backendless.DeliveryOptions(deliveryOptions) : null

    return Backendless.Messaging.publish(channel, message, publishOptions, deliveryOptions)



see all the available Push Notification Headers here

Regards, Vlad