Server Code Blob Error

So I am using Server Code to store sensitive data in files in a specific administration folder on the Backendless server. I use the Blob type to create the file content to save. But whenever the server executes:

const otherEmails = new Blob([JSON.stringify(otherEmailList)], {
type: “application/json”

(Assume otherEmailList is a valid Javascript Object)
I seem to get this error:

VM20266:1 POST 400 (Bad Request)
mail.js:358 Message Error Error: Request failed with status code 400
at createError (createError.js:17)
at settle (settle.js:19)
at XMLHttpRequest.handleLoad (xhr.js:78)

Hi Shaiv

I believe the issue is with Blob, cloud code is running on NodeJS env, since Blob is working in Browser
So, could you please check what error message you get in response body, there should be something like this: “Blob is not defined”

For saving files from cloud code you do not need to create a new Blob, just pass the file content as it is.

 testMethod() {
    const data = [{foo:123}, {bar:'str'}]
    const json = JSON.stringify(data);

     return Backendless.Files.saveFile( 'test-ser', 'my-file.json', json, true )
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Yep, that solves my problem, thanks :slight_smile: