Server Code doesn't work

Hi. I’m trying server code after 2 weeks and now i doesn’t work. I have upgraded coderunned sdk, but same result. I launch coderunner from console and debug with intellijIDEA: when i call a custom Event Function(Backendless.Events.dispatch) from Android SDK, it returns without error

public void handleResponse(Map map){}

but it never reachs the server code.

Hi, kegita

Did you report about this issue earlier? Was any internal ticket opened for this?
Could you send your servercode project and APP_ID at so I can get into context of your problem? Unfortunately the information you’ve provided is not sufficient at the moment.

No, first time i notice this issue.
I send now the email

Do your event handlers (InterestTableEventHandler, CommentTableEventHandler, …) work fine? Do you get inside afterCreate, beforeRemove methods, when the corresponding events happen?

The Event Handler works fine but i don’t know if it calls Event Handler from production, because IntellijIDEA breaking point on debug wasn’t triggered.

You say that Event Handlers work fine, but at the same time you say that the break point inside your event handler code is not triggered.
It looks contradicting to me. How do you that your event handlers work fine?
Please give a complete description of the problem your encounter(with steps to reproduce). Unfortunately it is hard to understand your issue.
At the same time I would like to point out that according to our Support Policy we cannot debug your code to find out what is wrong. So please provide comprehensive description and stable steps to reproduce the error.

I have 2 Event Handlers: 1 on debug(with 6 handlers, so on my pc ) and 1 on production(with 5 handler, on backendeless cloud). Until 2 week ago, if i started code runner from console with “CodeRunner.bat”, every subsequent call was intercepted from event handler on debug (so on my pc) and ignored from server code on backendless cloud.
For this reason i told you, 30 minutes ago, that event handler was called but i think it was event handler on backendless cloud and not on my pc, because the breaking point was not triggered.

I’ve managed to reproduce this behavior. We’ll check it and get back to you.

Thank you

Kegita, checked again with your specific application.
You have one CustomEventHandler named “GeneralData”. I am able to catch a breakpoint inside your handleEvent() method of the “GeneralDataEventHandler” class. Everything works fine.
Please check out your project.

I used this code to invoke the “GeneralData” event:
Backendless.Events.dispatch( “GeneralData”, new HashMap<>(), new AsyncCallback<Map>()
public void handleResponse( Map result )
System.out.println( "received result " + result );

public void handleFault( BackendlessFault backendlessFault )
System.out.println( "got error " + backendlessFault.toString() );

Ok,thank you, now it works. So i called from Android


instead of


but there was not “handleFault” in Android, it returned even if i called wrong Event. Do you think is a normal behaviour?