Server code node js 502 bad gateway

I was testing some things out using web storm and debugging some server code while in debug mode and it worked for serveral hours. All of a sudden it stopped working, whenever I would try to upload something to debug it would always 502 return bad gateway.

For a few times, I have gotten internal server errors with different IDs. One of which is: 0A30CD00-4A5C-EAB3-FF74-16ECEE93DA00

This is what I get.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.26.27 PM.png

Could you please zip up your project, upload to Dropbox or Google drive and email a link to it along with the link for this topic to

Having the same issue.

Could you please try to redeploy ?

It looks like it works fine now. I was doing the same thing 2 days ago and then it gave me that error. Is there any reason as to why that would happen? Did the server happen to go down for awhile?

It could be a network issue due to poor IP communication between your ISP and Backendless

Ok thank you