Server error

Hi guys, I am getting this error message “xhr poll error” on
REAL-TIME LOGGING. And there is something wrong with Real-Time Database API.
app_id : 322E4DE2-BCCF-92E1-FFE6-1EEEE1C30A00.


Can you please provide a bit more details on what code causes the error? What SDK are you using (Java, JS, iOS…) and exact version of the library?

Also please share details on how were you adding socket-io dependency?


Hi Anton. I am uding JS SDK. The way I use it is exactly as described in the documentation :
const orderEventHandler = Backendless.Data.of( ‘Order’ ).rt();
const onObjectCreate = object =>
console.log( 'New Order object has been created. Object Id - ', object.objectId );
const onError = error =>
console.log( ‘Server reported an error’, error );
orderEventHandler.addCreateListener( onObjectCreate, onError );

This worked fine. But I suddenly got errors in browser console today.
The backendless version I use is : 5.4.0 in browser.

Our app is on managed server. The backendless version on the server is 5.2.14.


could you please provide a link to your Console

Regards, Vlad

Is that what did you mean?

yes, thanks

the issue is with ssl certificate, our engineer is already looking into it

Regards, Vlad

now it should work, could you please confirm that

Yes, it works now, thanks.