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I want to pass data from backendless database tables and Files storage to a 3rd party API to process and format the data. The 3rd party requires a POST request with an authentication header. I thought this would be done through the Business Logic workflow but I don’t see how to use a 3rd party HTTPS address here. Thanks in advance for helping a novice.

Hi @shaun_brown ,

what language do you use in Business Logic?

I am just starting but I have the code example for the 3rd party in javascript

This is the API documentation:

I can recommend you to use Backendless.Request , this is a part of JS-SDK'{pdfTemplateID}.pdf', [ is your request data])
  .set('x-header-key', 'x-header-value')
  .set({ 'y-header-key': 'y-header-value', 'z-header-key': 'z-header-value' })

you can find more info on how to use Backendless.Request here


Is it possible to do this codeless as well? When I try a POST request from the HTTPS I can see the Backendless.Request code but I am a bit unsure of how to proceed. I added the authorization header but when I invoke the method the external HTTPS address is appended to a Backendless address. Is this correct. Sorry again for the newbie questions. I continue to work through the documentation.

Hello @shaun_brown

Could you please share your Codeless Logic?

Here is a screenshot. Once the method is deployed and invoked the cURL starts "curl -X “POST” “…” I would have expected it to start with the HTTPS address listed in the method.

Thank you for sharing!
Let me ask you a few questions to get more understanding about your problem:

  1. what do you mean the cURL starts "curl -X “POST” “…”? Is this curl is pointing to the API Service method?

  2. Are you sure the request body is configured correctly? I can see that you send an object with only one property propName where value is a string

Regards, Vlad

  1. Yes pointing to the API service method.
  2. The payload is a single JSON to fill out fields in a PDF file.

It seems to be working now. I added a content-type to the header and it seems to work.

I have some very simple codeless logic that sends a POST request with JSON data to an external service. The return payload should be a completed PDF document.

The image of my current logic communicates with the external service and returns what I assume is a PDF file:

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 2.03.07 PM

I assume that I can attach a separate piece of logic to the “return” component of the API service and this will allow me to store the file and later access by my frontend but I am a bit unclear on how to do this.

Thanks for all the assistance.