Server side Variable

How can I implement a server side variable that is visible across sessions and to all users. I explored the Backendless cache API but am not sure that’s what I want because this variable should not expire.

Hi @Nkekere_Tommy_Minimann,

why don’t you want to use a regular table for this purpose?

Using a table seems cumbersome and overkill if there is a simpler solution. I need to use this variable in an if statement, so retrieving has to be as trivial as possible.

Unfortunately, custom code cannot have state on the server, so at the moment I can only offer either a table or a cache that will be automatically updated using a timer, but I understand that this is a cumbersome and not elegant solution. However, we are currently working on one major feature (I can’t tell you the details yet), which will give such an opportunity. So, stay tuned.