Server temporarily unavailable

Hi everyone,

Although I’ve started all of the server side services I can’t reach the app console. It gets error: “Server temporarily unavailable”. I’m using Backendless standalone on my localhost.

Thanks for responding.

Hi Hedayat,

What URL do you use to open the console?

When you write back, you do not need to report your IP address to us, instead just replace it in your response with IPADDRESS


Hi Mark, Sorry for delay.
It’s http://localhost:4545/develop

I had to change the ports. It was working before, but right now it’s not.

Have you tries restarting all services?

…tried… ?

Yeah, I’ve done it. Not working.

Hi Hedayat,
Please, send us the log files from <installdir>/apps/backendless/logs to and

Sorry, I just reinstalled that. Now it’s working. I’ll send you the log file next time if get the error again. It wasn’t the first time I get the error.

Thanks for your support,

I’m facing the problem again. But there’s no log file in the mentioned path.

Still having the same problem even on Standalone 3.

It’s really making me think about some other backend services.

What is “Standalone 3” ?

Backendless Standalone version 3

To diagnose anything with the standalone version we need to see the log files as described here. You are welcome to email them to

Hi ! I am facing the same issue I have installed backendless server on RHEL. My url to access backendless dashboard is

Can someone help?

P.S. I have not purchased any paid support!

Check if you have JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME