Server Temporarly unavailable

The server seems to be down.

I tried to update data through the app Tables section, and sometimes get “Server Temporarly unavailable”.
other times the change just doesn’t save.

the inserts through my app get handleFault wth the message;
Read timed out

Same problem for me. Yesterday the server was down several times.

Even if I try to login, I get a timeout error after waiting long enough.

I was getting a few successful handleResponse and now getting “read time out” again

Me too… I don’t know what to say, but it becomes unreliable to continue like this.

Agree. this is actually really dissapointing and frustrating. Everything on my projects seem unstable with multiple time outs and server errors…

There’s not even a ‘status’ page that I can see of which can tell me if Backendless is experiencing issues or not. Wasting a bunch of time thinking it was something on my end…

  • 1 Seems like the service is very very unstable.

In case this happens It’s very important to have a way to differentiate this from other errors,
So I could show a message “try again in a few minutes”, and prevent the user from going into the app, and experiencing many bugs

Hey guys,

Indeed there are times when the servers get overloaded and we have to step in to fix it. I know this is not good and our goal is consistent and reliable uptime. However, please keep in mind that the uptime guarantee as well as contractual SLA come only with a paid service where the uptime is 99.4%.


Hi Mark,
Where can I find out more about the paid service with the uptime guarantee? Is it a marketplace product, or something else?

It is called Managed Backendless. Please contact us at