Serverless 101 mission Flutter SDK

First, thank you for the missions. I think it is a great way to learn Backendless functionality. I completed the serverless 101 mission using Javascript SDK, but my original intention was to do it using the Flutter SDK. To make it work with the Flutter SDK, I had to change the generated SDK method as:
Future addItem(String cartName, Map item) {

return Backendless.customService

    .invoke(_serviceName, "addItem", [cartName, item]);

The generated code’s signature is:
Future addItem(String cartName, Object item)

Hello @Pedro_Valladares,

thank you for using Backendless!

It is not entirely clear from your post whether there is a question or you just shared your experience on how to use flutter for missions? Maybe I missed your question …
Let me know if we can help you with something.

Happy Holidays!