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Service Method Not Found

(Phil) #1

I’m getting an error with all my calls to my custom hosted services. The error says “service method not found”. I think it may have been because my credit card information was out of date. I updated it but it’s still not working. It also looks like my files in file storage have disappeared. What happened? Please help.

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Phil,

Could you check if you can invoke the methods using API Inspector? Just to clarify “API Inspector” is this:</img>


(Phil) #3

Yes. I can invoke the calls in the api inspector.

(Mark Piller) #4

When you get an error saying the method cannot be found, do you invoke using REST or one of the generated libraries?

(Phil) #5

I download the JavaScript library.

(Mark Piller) #6

Could you please re-download the library and try again? We did an upgrade yesterday and I suspect there is a change in the way the method is invoked (I will schedule a ticket to investigate the backwards compatibility issue, which normally should not happen)

(Phil) #7

Ok. I’ll try tonight. I can’t try right now.

(Phil) #8

I tried again and I’m still getting the error. “Service Method not Found” (400 bad request).

(Mark Piller) #9

Hi Phil,

I was able to duplicate the problem. We will have this fixed asap.


(Phil) #10

Thank you.

(Phil) #11

Any luck on solving this issue?

(Kate Maksimenko) #12

Hi Phil!
Sorry for this inconvenience.

Tomorrow this issue will be solved.


(Phil) #13

Ok. Thanks for letting me know.

(Kate Maksimenko) #14

Hi Phil!
We already updated service.

Could you try it again?

(Phil) #15

Yes. It works now. Thank you for your help!