SERVICE SUGGESTION: JWT token generator as a Backendless service API

I am a FANBOY of Backendless and love the idea to have one Backendless API platform for all kind projects.
But the last years I am missing more and more an API service or a Function Pack on your Marketplace on Backendless, to configure and generate JWT tokens for e.g. Apple Music API, Apple Weather Kit and other JWT based auth services.

A have seen some requests from other developers in different forums also into this direction, because this authentication process with JWT tokens is more and more relevant and is quite a hassle to implement, test and deploy such a service.

Even if I am a Backendless Fanboy, today I have to look somewhere else to find a better answer for the handling of a JWT tokens via API.

Mark, I love your Backendless platform and hope you and your amazing team can offer a better solution for handling JWT tokens for your Backendless community of developers, fanboys and fangirls.

All the BEST from Munich Germany,


Hi Florian,

Thank you for developing with Backendless and for the suggestion. We will look into the possibility of implementing such API service, it seems like it would be a great fit.


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