Service unavailable too often

I am a fan of Backendless and I am building my new app on this service. Unfortunately I have my app in testing the pilot and we see too often Backendless service unavailable. Also I could not load the console login page on fails on error 502 - Bad Gateway (e.g. right now).

If this unstability will continue I can not provide my app service to my customers.

It is so sad situation :frowning: Do you have a plan how to handle unavailability?

Thank you.

I notice this happens most, very early in the morning EST. Is this due to system updates, perhaps?

hello @jared_gibb today it was 30min ago, 5:30 PM (EST)

My connection to the Server was just terminated. (Can’t login or logoff.) generates this error:

I’m a newbie here, so maybe I did something wrong.

Hi Paul,

The team is working on the issue.


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The service is back up

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That was a quick reply. Glad to know someone is always there.
Less than 4 minutes… and it was fixed! Thanks!