Set Default value doesn't refresh current values

When setting a Default value for Integer column data types with a value of 0 and saving that change, temporarily clears the Default values of other column integer types. Performing a page refresh on the Table schema page does show the Default values as expected to include the change of 0 as the Default value.

In contrast, If the Default value is greater than 0 and you save that change, the page is automatically refreshed to show the current table schema values and this new default value change.

I do not understand what “page refreshes” you’re talking about. When you set a default value there are no page refreshes and the screen where you do not does not show any actual data values. It would help if you could describe the process in a step-by-step fashion without skipping any details.

No problem, here are the details.

  1. While in the Backendless console, select a table (i.e. Users, etc) and click the Table and Schema Permissions button
  2. For a Column that has a data type of INT, the Default Value is initially blank.
  3. Enter a value of 0 (zero) in the Default Value column.
  4. Save this change by clicking on the far right icon (looks like a pen?) for this row that now contains the value of zero.
  5. A message in green is displayed at the top of the browser stating that the “Success” for the saving of the change.
  6. The Default Value of zero that was initially entered is no longer visible in the row that was changed for this Default Value.

NOTE: 1. To see the actual changes performed, use the browser’s refresh button and then the changes will be displayed as expected.
NOTE: 2. Repeating the above steps with a value other than zero (i.e. 5) will immediately display the changed Default Value entered (5).

Thanks, Roy. It helps. I assigned it to a developer.

Hi Roy,

we already fixed this issue in new release.