Set Object Relationships with API - mission not unlocking

Task: Set Object Relationships with API

I have confirmed that the object relationship gets established between the created person object and the specified city in the data base and there are no errors in the browser console, but the mission does not unlock. Are there any criteria I am missing that is not mentioned in the tutorial?

Hello @Olve_Nordheim,

We experienced a server issue which could cause this problem, but now it is fixed. Could you please try again?


It still doesn’t seem to trigger. I can try again at a later time/date. Thank you for your time!

Hi @Olve_Nordheim,

did you enable the API Tracking for the app?

Yes, API tracking is enabled. I have had no problems with any other tasks up until this point, just this one strangely enough. Still haven’t had any luck getting the mission flagged as complete.

Hello @Olve_Nordheim,

I have looked into your logic and found the difference:

Your code:

Code from instructions:

You’re using a different block for setting a relation. There is a difference in how Add Object Relations and Set Object Relations work.

Setting a relation - If the parent had other child objects prior to the operation, the relation between them and the parent is removed. This is a replacement operation.

Adding a relation - adds specified child objects to the collection of existing child objects. This is a concatenation operation. For one-to-one relations, if the parent object has a child for the specified column at the time when the operation is called, an error is returned back to the client.


Yikes, that is a really silly overlook on my end! Thank you for clearifying, I have been scratching my head over this for a while haha

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