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Set Object Relationships with API using Codeless

Task: Set Object Relationships with API

I’ve created the cell to create the Person and configured it appropriately. On Previewing and entering data, I can see that the city Cell becomes visible as well. In addition, I can see a new row in the Person table at the same timestamp.

The only issue is that the row in the Person table does not have the details of age and name

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Hello, @Varun_Parikh.
Could you please describe the steps more clearly and in more detail to reproduce the problem?
It may be worth attaching a few screenshots and describing the steps to be performed step by step.

Regards, Nikita.

State 1: Empty Table of Person in the backend

State 2: Logic of ‘Submit Button’

State 3: Post submission of entry

State 4: View of Person table with 1 entry but no age or name populated

Similarly, on attempting to get the City Collection in the select object, I am not getting any records.

Thanks in advance!

Did you configure data binding for the name and age input fields?

Quite dumb of me!