Set Select params of DataTable

Hi, need a hint

Expected Behavior

Put in to params Select value from Tables (users) for select.

Actual Behavior

On page add Select, in Hadlers On Page Enter add this

  1. Get all users records (Users table)
  2. Set all option to Select
  3. Set 1 value (by default) in Select

But on Page value Select1 is empty :frowning:

Hi Vadim,

Step 1 (“Load Table objects”) returns a collection of objects. That means list will contain a collection. In step 2 you’re retrieving the name property from a collection, that doesn’t make sense. Collections have only objects. As a result, step 2 will not produce anything meaningful.


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Mark, hi :slight_smile:

Ok, no problem, step 2, Set Options → list

How i can retrive data on form?



Working fine :slight_smile: thanks