setDate return value?

I am trying to set the hours for a date to midnight, but there is no way to return/save the updated value using the setDate connector?


Hello @Farid

You can return/save the result using an additional variable:


I have tried this, but the new date that is returned remains unchanged. I am assuming either I am passing the hours value incorrectly or the updated value is not being returned?


Hello @Farid

Please provide your applicationId.

app id is 1DB29D6D-B0AF-C6AC-FFAB-F383421A0C00
container - Comms
page - settings
its the first date component - id = CalendarHT1Start


Hello @Farid

Please try without date from timestamp block inside set hours for date block.

Hi @Volodymyr_Ialovyi,

Thank you, I can receive the new updated date, when using only one parameter value, but setHours should be able to take four parameters (0,0,0,0) for hrs, mins, sec, milisec.

When I attempt to add four parameters, I get invalid date?


Just to add I have used a workaround by using setHours, SetMinutes etc together to set the time to midnight, but ideally setHours should take four values.

Thank you