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Severless 101 mission 2 issue

Hi thanks in advance for your help,

Essentially im stuck, i am learning to code in android studio with Java.
The video is great but where i am struggling is the part in the video at 3:50 on wards in which the project is pre-created.
I can download the files fine, but i cant get these (in either JS or JAVA, in either intelliJ or android studio) to get to a workable form like in the ‘pre-created’ project.
Im not sure if it is as simple as me not clicking the right things within the downloaded file, but essentially my difficulty is getting from the downloaded client SDK files and making those into a useable form within the IDE.

If possible i would prefer the answer applicable to android studio and Java as this would be my platform ongoing, but of course would be grateful for guidance in any form.

with thanks,
Leslie Harding

Hi I can now get to the stage (using javascript and intelliJ) where i am opening up the html documents it goes to the webpage, but when i click the individual things to invoke , get instructions etc, nothing is happening?
So i suspect by JS code is not linked to the index file or something, im not sure, any tips?


When i try to invoke each method in chrome after setting up the project i get the following error:

VM36:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: getInstructions is not defined
at :1:1

This error is in the network tab of inspect in chrome. Hope this narrows things down


Okay managed to get things working, was a COR error and some shuffling made it work, there is a post from 4 days ago under user Jared Gibb that explains the fix for that particular error.

so this is solved and can be ignored thank you


Nice work coming to your own solution! Sorry I didn’t get back in time to see this!

thats okay! the solution was to copy what you did so in a way you were the solution already