Sharing a Modal form into other pages

Hi I’m able to create a Login modal form and now I would like to share it with other pages so that users can log in while navigating any part of the site.

Right now it seems like I would have to duplicate these UI components into every page that I want to allow a user to login from??

Anyways being able to share a Modal would really be powerful in terms of re-using and embedding forms anywhere in the backendless UI designer.



Hello @William_Lee

Yes, it’s not possible at this moment, and this is exactly what the team is working on. We call the new feature Reusable Components, and with this a lot of great things will be allowed, including sharing components between pages and other developers using our marketplace.

Regards, Vlad

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That’s awesome. I could REALLY use this right now so I’m hoping it comes out very soon.


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