Shopping List (EZ Shopping)

I found an app called “EZ Shopping” in the archives. The post was written by Christopher Fanchi on August 5, 2020. Here is the link: Click here

Unfortunately, when I click on the link, there is only a blank post.

I would like to create a similar app, but I don’t know how to start. The app coding is not the problem. I would like to understand how to structure the database / api. So that a shopping list can be shared with different users, so that anyone can make changes to the list. I don’t know if each shopping list gets its own table, or if the items are all stored in one database.

I hope you understand my question, and can describe me a solution.
Thank you very much for your help.

Hello @Fynn_Pfingsten2!

EZ Shopping is an app created with Backendless.
If you want to create the same application or any other and need help with the database, API, etc., we would be glad to help you on a consulting basis.

For more information, contact