Short Cut for App testing

I Paid $ 50 to get of Missions and accidentally deleted my app.
Am I to understand to creating a new app under the short cut plan( to skip missions) for testing cost $50 per app. till you more to the cloud plan.

Please advise.

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could you please let us know the App ID of the deleted app?


Dear Stanislaw

same as my Email ID

Dear Stanislaw

It is same as my email.

Here is the receipt for the payment.


This is a receipt for a purchase for your Backendless application: (3B6A9A3E-22AB-7AE5-FFA0-37D083D2A700 activeledgers) .

You were just charged $50.00 for your Backendless subscription.

the Backendless team


And which app would you like to transfer your purchase to?

I created the same app again wi the same name

You can transfer it.



We have transferred your purchase. Please check it out.


Thanks a lot Stans

Excellent customer Service.