Shortcuts for the editors

Are there keyboard shortcuts for the various editors in UI Builder (Theme extensions, Components edit text, custom code, etc.)?

Examples would include commenting/uncommenting lines of code, duplicate a line, and similar shortcuts in IDE-type editors (e.g. VS Code). Debugging is laborious without them, as in adding/removing ‘//’ line by line.

If the editor is one of the standards, we can find the keyboard shortcut list on the web.

Hello @Jim_Austin

We discussed that with the team yesterday, and you are greatly right about the need for shortcuts.

But, there are some issues with that:

  1. different OS and IDE has different shortcuts(for example Webstorm and VSCode shortcuts)
  2. some shortcuts are hard to add because of implementation complexity, and we couldn’t just “enable” VSCode shortcuts.

What I want to say, it’s - give us a list of shortcuts, and we will add as much as possible.

As for

commenting/uncommenting lines of code

Ctrl + / works fine for me with multiline selection.

Regards, Dima

Dima, the top shortcuts on my VS Code Command Palette are add/remove (toggle) line comment and duplicate line (up/down). Your reply ‘solved’ those shortcuts for me as Cntl+/ toggles comments (line or block), as it does in VS Code, and I find the VS Code duplicate line command (Shift+Alt+up/down arrow) works in the Backendless editors also.

My suggestions:

  • publish the present known shortcuts.
  • the VS Code shortcuts are pretty widespread (and very complete!) so that might be a pretty good model for new ones.
  • the developers in Backendless Consulting might be a good source for new shortcut suggestions.
  • the user community should be invited to comment on this topic (in Mark’s newsletter?).

Hi @Jim_Austin

we use AceEditor and I found their default shortcuts here Default Keyboard Shortcuts · ajaxorg/ace Wiki · GitHub

Thanks Vlad, that’s what I was looking for … figured Backendless would be using an established editor.

Might be useful to put an Icon on each editor page that brings this list up?

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Internal server ticket for the discussion is BKNDLSS-30400