Show file directory with api

I am just now in Mission Delete a file Using API.

After trying to solve just using codeless because I do not know any language and I do not succeed, I decided to start just for obtaining the directory and the files included in it.
I confirmed there is a block to list the directory, to delete etc… but I wasn’t able to get the list of directories.

So finally I made an API in the Business Logic. I obtained the list for all the files and also just for the directory.
So, I understand my problem is the UI logic.

In UI I am including a block with a cell and a text inside the cell. I give dynamic list behavior trying to get the list of files or the list of the directory. The logic is constructed in content logic but no answer using the preconfigured block for getting the directory listing and neither using the API that runs correctly in Business logic. In Page I include the logic for repeating the tex inside the correct block…

Any clue about the logic in UI for this issue?

I really don’t know how to learn more codeless…I would need a lot of examples to improve because I find there is no enough info about the function of each block and about the flows. There is the documentation but is all focused on the code languages, not for achieving without code.

Thank you

Hello @David_Najar_Martinez

According to the task in the mission, you only need to delete one file, the path to which is known in advance. You can use the Delete File block in codeless and set all the necessary parameters there.

If you want to learn more about the UI-builder, then we have a tutorial on this functionality.