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Showing snippet of relation value in data view

When viewing a data table with relation column, is there a way to view a snippet of what that relation is without having to do a rest console query?



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I was just thinking this today! This would make it quicker when referencing the raw data.

Hello @Brewhouse_Digital,

We’ve recently stopped returning relations objects and now we return only count instead (0 or 1 in your case of 1:1 relation type). We revised it for performance purpose, so getting data for a snippets must bring us step back.
Despite this, we will take into account your wishes and maybe add a switcher or a setting e.g.


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This is will be possible in a future release with the support of “Backendless Views” - it is a new feature that let’s you design your own “virtual data tables” composed of multiple columns as you see them fit together.


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