Sidebar Menus and template

Hi All,

I’m new to backendless and trying to put together a basic set of side-menus and then sub-menus using the backendless UI based on some mock-ups wireframes I’ve done using balsamic using vertical-tabs for the main menu and then another vertical-tab list for the secondary menu.

Is there a good template or example I can start with to play around - I started to look at the CRM application but it doesn’t seem to use the UI’s on-click logic and is using something more sophisticated.

Can anyone recommend something ‘unsophisticated’ that I can perhaps understand!!

Many thanks,


Hello @Alan_Ross,

Thank you for choosing Backendless for your development needs.

Please take a look at the Backendless UI Builder Developer Guide. It contains all the structure and components descriptions and also usage of the custom themes and extensions.

Also we have the UI Builder Masterclass Course on the Youtube. This course is fairly in-depth and contains both ui and backend development guides (including all the possible click actions and events).


Many thanks Olha for pointing me in the right direction!

Much appreciated!


Hi Olha,

One quick question - I’m following the tutorials now - and there is one about making a simple to-do list that I figured would use to build dynamic menus - but in the video it utilises the ‘Dynamic List Behaviour’ checkbox; this appears to be missing in the components of the current version.

What is the alternative I should be using?

Many thanks,


Please ignore - I found it ‘repeater’