Signature Pad for use in UI builder

I am very excited about all the features in codeless and have completed all missions and most tutorials in the youtube masterclass allready :slight_smile: .
Thanks for providing all these educational lessons!

To use the codeless-logic with backendless for an app that can capture the signature of a user on a touchscreen:

I cannot really read JS yet and wonder if there is a copy/paste-approach possible.
Is that doable without actual JS experience somehow?

Hello @Felix

Welcome to the community and thank you for trying Bakendless!

At this moment it’s not possible, however, we are working on an extremely powerful feature Custom Components!
With this, everything will be possible because it will allow enabling any 3rd party library and custom JS code.

Regards, Vlad

Hello Vlad,

thank you for the good news, this is very promising!
Can you tell, about when your team is going to publish the feature ‘Custom Components’ you are working on?

Best regards, Felix

Hello @Felix

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the exact release date of this functionality. We will make an announcement when this feature becomes available.