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Signin With Apple with Require Email Confirmation

When using Apple Sign in with Require Email Confirmation turned on, the User object returned has status EMAIL_CONFIRMATION_PENDING and a confirmation email is sent to the user, which should not be the case as Apple Sign In should behave like other Social Sign In for example Facebook and Google Sign In i.e. No longer require the user to confirm his email.

Another issue is that no first name, last name or name are returned with the user object, but the official Apple Sign In returns the name with the basic configuration.

Please advise.

Hello @karim-wazzan,

Sorry for late response,
You can disable email confirmation in the Users > Login screen in Backendless console.
According to the user’s name: our service takes only your token with email for a new user registration. However, you can update your user object with all necessary fields right after you’ve logged in using this method.


Hello @olhadanylova,

I still need email confirmation when users sign up with their emails instead of signing up via social signups.

An internal ticket BKNDLSS-22947 is created to investigate and fix this bug. We’ll notify you as soon as it is fixed.


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Thank you @olhadanylova!


I’m sorry to bother again but we are a bit troubled by this bug.
We have a major update which we are unable to release without this fix, as all iOS apps require Sign In with Apple now.

Do you have an estimate on when this could possibly be fixed?

Hello @karim-wazzan

We cannot say about specific dates yet. But this issue has the highest priority and will be solved as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


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