SignUp with PhoneNumber and OTP not working


I am working with Swift to integrate User Registration login with PhoneNumber with Twilio.

let user = BackendlessUser()[“phoneNumber”] = phoneWithCode
Backendless.shared.userService.registerUser(user: user,
responseHandler: { user in

When i call the registerUser api user gets added to db without any OTP validation.
Also I noticed the user object don’t have any attribute with transactionId as mentioned in the docs.

Note: I have a valid trail Twilio account and paid plan with Backendless.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

Hello @LiveSharer,

Sorry for inconvenience.

Please follow this documentation to setup Twilio authentication.

You need to add the smsCodeAuth column of type Boolean (default - null) to the Users table.
When the first users/register route is calling you need to pass the next fields:

  "smsCodeAuth": true

Documentation will be updated in the nearest time, the internal ticket is already created.


Thank you.