Single Step Retrieval. Please Help

Hello, the third day I cannot implement a very light operation. I can’t find a clear example anywhere. When I do according to the documentation, it gives an error. I’m confused.

I have two tables: Users and Ticket. The Users table has a ticketId column. One-to-one relationship. I have an ObjectId Users and I need to get data from Tikket. I tried like this but I get an error. Please, help! If You have a some example, I’ll much obliged.

 List<String> relations = new ArrayList<String>();
 relations.add( "ticketId" );
 Backendless.Data.of( Ticket.class ).findById(
              objectId, relations,
              new AsyncCallback<Ticket>() {

                        public void handleResponse(Ticket ticket) {
                               Log.w("MYAPP", ticket.getObjectId());
                        public void handleFault(BackendlessFault fault) {
                               Log.e("MYAPP", "server reported an error - " + fault.getMessage());

I get such a log: “E/MYAPP: Entity with ID A2481A6C-5651-4BE9-BCE0-30C0835E5170 not found”
ID that issues the log is ID Users

Hi Tolegen,

Is there an object in the Ticket table with this objectID?:


You can verify it in console by running the following search:

objectId = 'A2481A6C-5651-4BE9-BCE0-30C0835E5170'