Single Step versus Two Step Relation Retrieval

This might be a strange question, I am just wondering, what is the difference if I could use either way to get a list from one property column of related objects? It looks like I could use either of the 2 blocks: Load Object Relations and Load Table Objects with where clause. Is there any benefit to using one method over the other? Thanks again!


Hi @Hung_Le

I assume technically there is no difference except that the “Load Object Relations” is more convenient to load the relation of a particular parent object and you do not need to compose a whereClause with reverse relation.

However, I’m going to ask the backend team, if perhaps the block is much performed from the DB querying perspective.


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The “Load Object Relations” block works much faster, so we recommend using it for loading relations when you know the parent object Id and the relationship column

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Thank you for clarifying that for me. So quickly too! Loving Backendless with Thunkable right now. PEace! -Hero

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