Site not loading at times


I assume that Wi-Fi can cache DNS responses and this could be the cause of the problem.
We cannot affect your or third-party network equipment.
If the devices (mobile phone,PC, etc) work through an external connection, such as mobile data and not through Wi-Fi, then solve the problem with Wi-Fi.

But same wifi the android phone works
Also at customer site which is a different wifi or wired lan totally different it doesnt work at times in their computers.

But the backendless development main site works and not the published containters.

Hi, @dbasilapp

Unfortunately, I do not see any problems from our side in this cause.

You have a different configuration and a different operating system on each of your devices, and therefore it is difficult for you to understand where the problem is.
But try to figure it out on one of PC.

Open a command prompt and try to execute the command


and send us output, we will try to help you.


I have tried all options the issues remain same. its not only in my wifi it happens to customers located at various locations who use their own wifi.

many times the site doesn’t load, all the time backendless site works our published containers doesnt.

don’t know what to do now.


Hello, @dbasilapp

From your attached photo, I can see that the WiFi DNS cannot resolve the domain, this is an internal problem of your DNS . Could you try to configure external DNS in the network settings to test the operation? And try the request again nslookup

Thank you for the reply.
I can do mine how do i tell to public, real people who use the link to change.
100s of people use our link. my simple question is my container is not loading but backendless main website is loading in the same pc same wifi. I don’t know how else to explain my issue.
If possible to solve backendless team kindly suggest as all other websites load in the same wifi and same pc and now customers are complaining a lot that the site is not opening. if this is not solvable and is a known bug in the backendless kindly tell me so I don’t advise people to use our works done in backendless.
its been months I am posting coming back with ur same reply with problem with my network . how do i call unknown public people and tell them to change their dns etc… don’t know if backendless thinks we are using the tool for learning and testing. products are live and published and unable to use.

Hello, @dbasilapp

I asked you to set the parameters for test only. It is clear that you will not tell customers to install the same. There are no problems with this domain, I checked it from the outside through various services and everyone receives a response normally, you can see for yourself

Or use any other service for nslookup.

Thank you for your replies. But it is ending up as constant calls from customers about site not able to reach and failing to load. Going on we are trying alternative solutions to switch from the backendless. I understand its not showing any issues with your machines but in reality its happening through with our customers.


was wondering if a custom domain name would solve the issue. Kindly advise. this is the current domain.

if we can get a new web address like and how do we configure this in backendless. i couldnt understand the steps as mentioned in the support manuals .

Hello, @dbasilapp !

If you have your own domain, you can add a CNAME record on DNS(web-panel for your domain) to in its settings, and after in backendless web-console add domain (Manage->Custom domains) then requests will go through your domain.