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Size of the code - Missing parts

(Mario Ghersi) #1

I’m working in a Codeless API and the Function become complex with 4 request of the database and one save but some part start missing (disappear). I’m saving all the time but start missing without reason it is a bug or a size problem?

(Anton Govorushkin) #2

Hi Mario

What is your application id? Regarding your question - we do not limit size of Codeless logic in any way, so it would be good if you could add a screen recording which will demonstrate the problem or describe how to reproduce the problem in more details


(Mario Ghersi) #3

Dear Anton

The Application ID is 9AC03633-2B63-0BA2-FF63-F00FA7D3AC00.

Yesterday I live the code ready to work and this morning I found everything wrong.

All the function used at “distribución” today are gone!!!

Please let me know if can be fixed because with this problem the platform is not usefull!

Thanks, Mario

(Mario Ghersi) #4

Dear Anton

The visual information is missing but the code still working, maybe this could give you a clue about the bug!


(Vladimir Upirov) #5

Hello Mario

Yes, your logic is there, I can see the entire logic for the “distribución” function, the problem is with local changes what you have in Browser’s LocalStorage

try to clear the Browser’s LocalStorage and refresh the page, all the local changes will be removed and you will get your logic back.

Would be great if you provide steps to reproduce the issue and we will investigate the problem to avoid it in future

Thanks, Vlad

(Mario Ghersi) #6

The Browser is Chrome and clear the cache didn’t solve the problem. Still missing parts of “distribucion”. I start using Safari and the coddles code is OK.

Do you recommend to just using Safari and this will be the solution?

Thanks, Mario

(Vladimir Upirov) #7

no, I mean LocalStorage, not cache

(Mario Ghersi) #8

OK, I found it and the code is there again. Do you know when this could happened to avoid editing the code that is not the correct?

(Vladimir Upirov) #9

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue with your logic on my side (btw I also use Chrome), but without any luck. So, steps to reproduce the problem would be really helpful for us.

(Mario Ghersi) #10

The problem was at midnight when the day changed but it is my only clue for now.