SMTP Gmail

I have been fighting with getting the SMTP server setup for gmail (and I believe I have succeeded!) but I am hoping for confirmation. When I send a custom template test email to myself, I receive it when sent to my SMTP server sender’s email address. However, when I use a personal email, I get the confirmation that the email was sent successfully but never receive an email (inbox or spam).

Is there a restriction to whom test emails can be sent to (i.e. the Backendless user’s email)? If not, then my solution did not work. Thanks!

Gmail SMTP setup is not clear-cut as Google blocks access. Here is my solution to get it working for anyone interested and running into the same problem. Here is how to get your Gmail SMTP working in “Email Settings.”

Here is the link for the Google Help article that was actually helpful. I used “Option 2.” The use of App Passwords with Less Secure Apps allowed is the answer to get gmail SMTP working and avoid the “Username and Password are not accepted” error.

Now, my original post issue correlates with my personal Yahoo email outright blocking the email delivery as spam. So, in the end, I’ll end up using a custom Google Apps Script to send emails (rather than SMTP via Backendless Email Settings) to avoid blocking of email delivery. But, at least I finally got it working!