SMTP - IOException while sending message

Hello I got an email with error:

Application name: BMB Application ID: 3551EF8F-C241-7579-FF0D-45ECE827AF00 Message: Error occurred during email sending. Subject ‘Vyúčtování služeb za červen 2022’. Recipients [,]. Exception: IOException while sending message

I tied to send a test email from Email Settings - was not received.

Can you check if there is any problem with SMTP?

@Andriy_Konoz / @Marina.Rudenko It could be similar issue like we discussed some time ago, see BKNDLSS-24407

Check these messages:

  • mail:4E4AA3DC-0906-2117-FF58-16C62356FC00

  • mail:D4D82FC3-95A8-CC8F-FF09-94CB9DB3AF00

Hi, @Martin_Krajcir1

First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience. We have an internal ticket for this regression - BKNDLSS-28568. We are doing our best to fix the problem as quickly as possible. We will inform you when it is fixed in this threat.


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Hello @Martin_Krajcir1

Sorry for the long wait. We have just updated the cloud servers with a fix for the problem you described above. Could you please let us know if the fix works for you?


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