SMTP service not working again

Hi guys,

email service (SMTP) is not working again. Maybe its just a long delay in service. I wait for a couple of minutes. Here are my emails where I could not find any status via API.

  • mail:FADDE17C-83AD-9335-FFB1-48BE8FD42100
  • mail:F0195DD9-44E7-D4EC-FF59-0558D26A3F00
  • mail:4F4D8FF1-B936-3FA9-FFB4-59CDA645D700
  • mail:FB0C7BD6-03CC-D0AF-FF63-AB25D3D0CB00
  • mail:BDBB547C-300D-1A65-FF55-B14696E80F00
  • mail:FAE51F7E-A271-4F2B-FF16-D80D5C8C3800

Hello @Martin_Krajcir1 ,

Use the route described in this documentation to check the status of your message. After that, send us the response received after completing this request.