SocketIO static library for iOS / Obj-C

Hello Backendless,

We are working on migrating one of our production apps from 3.x to Backendless 5 (Cloud). Most of the code changes needed have been made, but build fails with “could not find auto-linked framework SocketIO”. I think this is probably due to the fact that this Obj-C project does not use pods and is not an Xcode workspace but instead a project. For a variety of reasons we would prefer to continue to use this setup rather than convert to workspace and cocoapods.

We are hoping that adding SocketIO as a static library (just as we do with Backendless SDK) will fix this problem. Can you tell me where to find the SocketIO library or framework that is referenced in the Backendless iOS SDK?

Thanks very much for your help. Backendless 5 looks very interesting and we are looking forward to getting it working!


Hello Rick,

You can find Socket-IO here but I assume they don’t have a possibility for the manual installation.
Please try this steps:

  1. Connect the Backendless library manually (as you’ve already done)
  2. Create the podfile and add

pod ‘Socket.IO-Client-Swift’

uncomment this line


  1. Install pods

Everything works fine this way.


Thanks so much for your reply, Olga.

To do as you suggest, wouldn’t we have to convert this project to an Xcode workspace? We are trying not to do that, as in the past this has caused many problems with git branch merges, etc.

If so, then I suppose we will have to forget about migrating for now and just stay with 3.x. Perhaps a way to manually install SocketIO library will reappear in the future.

Thanks again for your help,


Pod installation will always create the workspace file. Unfortunately I can’t help you here


Yes, I understand.

Too bad, It seems that there is no solution for our use-case with Backendless 5.

Thanks anyway for trying to help, Olga.