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Some push notifications aren't being delivered

Backendless Version

backendless: 5.9.4
backendless-react-native: 0.1.4

Client SDK


Application ID



I’ve tested sending the notifications using the Backendless panel and the API method. I don’t have a great sample of devices, but there was some strange behaviours.

The notifications were delivered as the expected to almost all devices by the 2 methods. But in 3 of them the devices only received the message generated by the API and 4 of the devices didn’t receive any notification.

The coincidence in this group that didn’t receive any message is 3 of the devices are Samsung with Android 10.

I’ve saw some recommendations in others topics like adding “android-ticker-text”, “android-content-title” and “android-content-text”, but this didn’t make any difference.

The count of Push Messages in the panel increased after the command showing that the message was sent, the question is only to understand why is not reaching all the devices and if there is any acessible log to verify.


Hello @Roberio_Lima

The internal ticket (BKNDLSS-22730) has been created. Your problem will be investigated and fixed as soon as possible.

Hi @Roberio_Lima,

Could you please send a push notification targeting specifically a device where it previously failed and after you send a push notification use this API to check the status of delivery?


Hi @mark-piller,

I sent to one of the those failed devices and I received this response:
errorMessage: null,
messageId: ‘message:C450D68C-B90C-4233-AEFE-F74B2843E0B6’,
status: ‘scheduled’

I tried 3 times using the axios of the node.js and I received the same response:
‘Could not find status for message with id: message:C450D68C-B90C-4233-AEFE-F74B2843E0B6’,
messageId: ‘message:C450D68C-B90C-4233-AEFE-F74B2843E0B6’,
status: ‘unknown’