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Sort by update from load relation table

Dear Team,

how to sort by updated DESC. When the object is updated, what number is it at number 1, object is at number 1.



in future we will add in Load Object Relations sort by property - it is already exists in all of our SDK’s and obviously using REST API.
But not in Codeless yet.

Nevertheless we will add it, but now I can suggest you to load related objects in another way.
(The problem is that sort block can sort only alphabetic or numeric values in list, and can not sort objects list by some field).

So what I’m suggesting is to use Load Table Objects block (from the table to which content column points) and in where clause block set objectId = Method Argument "objectId" (to load all related objects).
And in sort by prop set list of properties to sort by. Here how it can look like:



Thanks for your respone @stanislaw.grin

I’ve tried the way you suggest. because I want to display objects from a relation. this is my business logic.

and this is the response

this my table:

and then, i updated object no3 that is a 600 to be 650

when i tried object in the bussienes logic

object money:650 stay in the same position. I want object number 650 after the object I update to be first.
can this be done?can you help me?


Hi again,

I tried to reproduce same behavior on my side, but I didn’t succeed.
Also I have checked it in your app and sorting works as expected.
So, maybe you just forgot to deploy codeless logic after you have changed it?
Can you confirm now that everything works fine for you?


Thank you for the response,

I have deployed it but it has not succeeded. My conclusion is sort by property in load object relations cannot be done in codeless logic. right?

I haven’t found another way, because DropSource doesn’t support sort by property. maybe you have a suggestion. to be able to achieve the logic that I want to achieve. as my explanation before

My conclusion is sort by property in load object relations cannot be done in codeless logic. right?

Right. It will be added lately.

Can I test your usecase somewhere? If it possible, could you please provide me with your App ID and describe where I can test it in your app?


this my application id 5B75038B-CF13-4B09-AB38-4BCF5E7002BC.
can i invite you?


can i invite you?

It’s not necessary, as tech support I can add myself to app and then leave it.

So, describe please which service method I can invoke and which object I can change (if can) in order to see described behaviour?

Thanks @stanislaw.grin

You can change it and delete it in these 2 tables. Person and personmoney. This is a table not for production.


and this is a business logic that you can change


Thank you.

Please check how I have changed getrelation codeless logic. Try it and let me know if it’s an expected result for you.
If it works correctly after changes, I’ll explain my changes.


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Thank you very much @stanislaw.grin and backendless
You are the savior angel no code person. SOLVED

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Glad I could help!
I left the application.
Is there a need to explain how this works or is everything clear?


all clear.

Thanks again