Spaces disappearing between text and span in paragraph


I have some text which is set in paragraph components. For some reason, recently, when there is a transition from text to formatted text, the space in between them disappears.

Example 1 :

Here is the paragraph component in UI builder :

Here it is in the Component Content, as formatted text :

And here in the Source Code, and as you can see the space is there :

But here is how it comes out in the application :

The space has disappeared !

Example 2 :

I have the same type of issue elsewhere. Here is the text in the component with two spaces highlighted :

Here it is in the code, and you can see that there is even a non-breaking space in there :

Yet, here again, here is the result when displayed :

I have noticed that the paragraph text editor has changed. Could that be linked to this issue ?

I would appreciate your help, at least in suggesting a workaround. Thanks

Hello @Nicolas_REMY you could make a workaround using the Content Logic handler with this text. For me, all spaces are not collapsed if I do that in this way.

Hi @Nicolas_REMY

Internal ticket BKNDLSS-30116 was created.
We will let you know when the problem has been fixed.


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Hello @Nicolas_REMY

We’ve just updated cloud servers with a fix for the issue you described above. Could you kindly let us know whether fix works for you well?