<span> and line-height

I think it might helpful if there was span or line-height, or the ability to target specific words within a text field. For example, let’s say you want to change the color of one word within a tag-line, or change the font-weight of one word within a broader text field:


This is a work around with a nested column, and three cells (6/12, 6/12, and 12/12), but the end result - even with zero margins and padding - leaves more space than I wanted.

Compare that to the spacing in the custom HTML and CSS I wrote.

I hope in the future we can get more control over the design in UI builder.

Hello @l_r

Thank you for your work and suggestion to improve the UI-builder. We will discuss this improvement with the product team.



This functionality will be added in the next release. Regarding your case, we can suggest using the Source code in the Paragraph component:


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