Special request: map component

I have a special request to the Backendless team:
Before anything, I wish to thank you all for you impressive work. This is a great project that is making my ideas become true, I deeply support your efforts.

At this moment I’m working in a project based on the map component, putting all the bussiness and services from my city in order, so I need all the features I can get from your map widget.

I humbly ask you, please develop the map the more you can, specially allowing to set the color and icon of the markers, show the complete info widget with images, easily set the path from actual position of a device to a destiny if possible… and specially, please, provide us the more documentation you can to use the map component, so I can understand how to do a better use of it.

Thank you from the soul for all you engineering knowledge, because is making our life and work pretty much easier.
You are awesome.

Hello @Sebastian_Cuello,

Thank you very much for your kind words and support for Backendless. We truly appreciate your feedback, and we’re glad to hear that you find value in our platform.

Regarding your requests related to our map components, it would be helpful to know which specific map component you are using, as we offer several variations. This will enable us to provide more accurate and relevant information to address your requests effectively.