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Specified resource was not found in File Console

(Daniel Eckhart) #1

I have uploaded files from my app to the Files page. The subdirectory I created appears in the Console, but when I try to look inside, I get “Specified resource was not found.”

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Daniel,

I assume you uploaded the files using the API. Did you get any errors back? When you upload a file, the response handler contains file URL. Could you verify that you got a valid URL back first?


(Daniel Eckhart) #3

Yes, I am uploading the files via the API. I have uploaded them again (to a new directory) and verified that the URL I got back in handleResponse was valid when I copied and pasted it into my browser and saw the picture. After the files were uploaded, I went to the console, saw the new directory and clicked on it to browse. Again, I got the message, “The specified resource was not found.” Other picture files in my “pictures” directory under “Root” show as being present with a timestamp, publisher and size, but also give the “not found” error when I click on them in the console.

(Daniel Eckhart) #4

I also get the error when trying to get a listing of the files via the API.

(Mark Piller) #5

This is very odd. What is your application ID?

Also, please let me know what directory you are uploading the files to.


(Daniel Eckhart) #6

My Application ID is 9B62AC82-E0D0-0149-FFD7-5DE1B58B9A00

I am uploading the files to Root/pictures and Root/pictures/Penske Laredo install/

(Mark Piller) #7

Hi Daniel,

I can see the problem. I suspect it occurs because of spaces in the directory name. It appears to be a console problem.

For the files in the “pictures” directory, getting the “public URL” works. Try clicking the “links” icon in the Actions column and then paste the copied URL in another tab in a browser.

Is it possible in your app to avoid spaces in the files and directories as a temporary workaround? Perhaps substituting them with underscore?


(Daniel Eckhart) #8

I can certainly make the substitution as a workaround.

Thanks for your help.

(Mark Piller) #9

Great! Please let us know if you run into any problems.