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Spooky text on UI

I’m seeing a text fragment at the bottom of UI builder and also in the preview.
This fragment shows parts of a text from a paragraph component on the screen. It is not selectable in UI Builder, so I cannot remove it.
It appeared after a timeout issue with UI Builder.
Can you fix this? App ID 5BDF0E64-9F03-6F8E-FF75-0E183AF61100


Hello @Klaas_Klever

We will be happy to assist you. I need to ask you a few more questions so I can understand the problem better.
When editing which page are you seeing a text fragment?

Of course :blush:! It’s the page “contacts”

I opened an internal ticket (BKNDLSS-25022).
We will notify you as soon as the problem is fixed.

Obviously the index.html file for page “contacts” is not as it should be (check the end of the file). But I don’t want to fix this by myself …

Hello @Klaas_Klever

I’ve fixed the page manually.

Could you please tell us more about this: It appeared after a timeout issue with UI Builder.

Regards, Vlad

Hello @vladimir-upirov ,
Thanks for the fix.
I think this issue was caused by the fact that the backendless server was not reachable (I’ve got the nginx error window).
At least there is a temporal coincidence. I don’t know whether this was really the reason.